Design Process

At sthr, we are all about transparency, and that includes our design process. We want you to visualize each style from concept to creation through our perspective. All of our styles were born out of love and care. This is what we mean when we say "thoughtfully crafted." 

 Our Spotlight Dress requires a considerable amount of hand work. As you can see on our process board, our seamstress drapes each bodice on a form, then pins all the intricate ruching in place. After the pinning, she hand tacks each drape onto the backing/lining. And that's not even the half of it!! We poured our hearts into making sure our very first dress is a stunner <3




Our "Love Letter Top" is the sweetest one yet. She's playful, feminine and elegant all at the same time. She has evolved from one of our muslins of the "Heaven Top". The bust shape came out so good that we had to make it into another style. We debated if she needed sleeves or playful bow ties for a long time! Our creative director's husband was rooting for the ties and this is now his absolute favorite piece from the collection! And we don't blame him!




Our "Unwind Pullover" is definitely one of our favorites! When our creative director Esther went to a local fabric store in New York, she instantly fell in love with this luxurious french terry from Japan. She was so inspired by the materials that she immediately scribbled her ideas on the back of an envelope she had in her purse! She did however contemplate whether or not the pullover should have contrast topstitching to compliment the logo and we are so glad she decided to keep it!



As the first born child of sthr, our "Heaven Top" took the most of our attention. It took us 3 months and 6 prototypes to perfect the shape and the overall fit! It was a grueling process but we are so in love with the final look! We hope you love her just as much as we do. 



Inspired by a ballerina's leotard, our bodysuit has a flattering low back and a delicate bow to hold everything in place. We draped our front body twist in multiple fabrications to see what worked the best and decided on a luxurious mid weight ponte. We have made 3 prototypes in two weeks, the fastest we have ever worked and we are so thankful for our patternmaker/ sewers for making this happen!



Named after the famous children's book "The Giving Tree," our "Giving Tote" bag is a way for us to give back to our communities. 20 percent of the proceeds will go to a chosen charity of the month!